Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Thanks

Lately there's been a lot to write about, depending on the point of view. A lot of challenging stuff has cropped up. On the other hand, a heaping helping of God's propensity to provide (sorry for the alliteration) has manifested itself in a meaningful way.

To start, shortly after Thanksgiving, I was forced to park my car due to safety concerns. Mainly the exhaust was leaking in the passenger compartment and the system is full of cracks. To add to this, the computer is on the fritz, the transmission won't shift and the steering would not stay fixed. I'm looking at $3500 to get this all fixed right and I don't have the money to pour into a used car worth half that.

The good news is that we still have a good running car which is reliable, so we can take my wife to work, go shopping, and take my son to school. It could be a lot worse. Our neighbor doesn't even have a car and was out of T.P. the other day. We have this in abundance and I was more than happy to give some to her. It was nice to help someone else out for a change, even if it was a small favor.

Jose, our older son, got to go on a shopping spree at J.C. Penney this evening and got clothes and toys courtesy of the Grand Ledge Chamber of Commerce. My hat's off to these people. Thank the Lord for Grand Ledge and all her people with a heart. It isn't that we couldn't get him anything (and we are) but he needed clothes and Christmas was going to be a bit slim pickings this year. God is good!

My wife made mention that she could just cry. I'm pretty stoical about it, but I've cried enough for a long while. Far better to just bask in the Lord's blessing with the knowledge that He's Lord and when it's time to bless someone else, I'm there.

I went to see a re-employment counselor yesterday and she suggested that I try and pursue (cultivate) a plan of action pertinent to my degree. This means being a management consultant. A couple days of soul-searching still leaves me mulling over my options (I praise Jesus I have options) but the job market in Michigan is horrible right now. 50% unemployment in Detroit and my prayers are out to a people who've done so much and been given so little.

Fact is I'm not worried about the car, or the job situation, or the economy. I can only take care of what I can and this includes the boys and my wife. God has entrusted me with them and this is the clarion call right now. Opportunity is very bad for employment in this state, but it has never been better for entrepreneurship, especially for those who want to spurn the evil of debt. Right now, there are grants available for those willing to take this step. However, all in good time. Maranatha!

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