Monday, December 28, 2009

Hard Learned Truisms

Climb the tree gently, you will need the branches on your way down.
When we disdain the past, we condemn the future.
Everything in life proper is a temporary condition.
I complained about the rent payments, until I met a homeless man.
We are not what, we are who.
Only the artist can know the true meaning of His work.
I hated my job, until I was out of work.
Poverty is not the abscence of something, but the burden of everything.
Karma is the rationale for what we think we can get away with.
Damning your parents is cursing at yourself in the mirror.

The fallacy that we're masters of our own destiny is proven; the smallest of things can change a life.
We have two ears and one mouth, so we're meant to listen twice as much as we speak.
In society proper, we have the right to speak, but only the Lord has the right to be heard.
All roads do not lead to Michigan.
Anything made of metal is a poor investment.
People are our best natural resource.
Ideas are water to dry soil.

A business cannot downsize itself into prosperity.
The day we view learning as unnecessary is the eve of bankruptcy.
The best product won't make up for mediocre service, but the best service will cover a multitude of defects.
Government is the problem to the answer.
A union cannot stand when it's every man for himself.
Better to never give than to give and then take away.
The only ship that can't sail is a partnership.
Incompetence in line employees costs a firm, incompetence in management will sink it.
If you're not giving raises to your employees, don't give them to yourself.
Management is the problem to the answer.
An open door policy will not work with a bolt in the jamb.
Managers must learn to manage themselves, hence the title.
Spreading gossip in the workplace is spreading poison (I will fire people for this offense).
Your job description is what the situation requires.

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