Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fixed the Monitor.

Today, there was one line left on my monitor and I got rid of it by degaussing it once more. The display is as good new with no more lines or distortion. We saved ourselves some green by waiting this thing out.
It would be nice if everything was solvable by waiting, but maybe it is. Even the Lord told us to wait on Him and renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31). Although He said nothing about a computer monitor, but I'll take it.
God is not a prosperity god and we shouldn't give up on our riches in Heaven (New Jerusalem) because times are getting tough here today. I've decided to wait on Him and do what He tells me to do. Right now this is taking care of the precious lives He's trusted with me.
Father God, I commit myself to Your cause. Despite the chiding of friends and family which is sure to come, Your Word will never return void. There is more than enough time to rest in Your arms, drink from the River of Life and eat from the trees of Your blessing. Your grace is enough for me, Father.


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Walter Grace said...

The monitor died a few months later and I garbage picked another one.