Sunday, December 20, 2009

Enviromentalists Want Us To What?

First of all, this is a rant, if this was an actual emergency, you would have heard warning bells. Maybe this is really the case. However, as I look at our cherished horde of Charmin in the closet, this article got me thinking...

Hey, I'm all about saving the environment and being a good steward. Part of this means being able to fix something and not waste. My monitor being a case in point. Yes it's nearly fixed and has three lines left and counting. Better than dropping $100 on a new one, or even $30 on a used one. Not too shabby, right? Wrong, according to the radical leftist movement disguised as working in the interest of "Mother Earth." (Gag me with a recycled spoon).

In a news article I read today on Gateway Pundit/First Things First this was the intro...

"Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups have pushed manufacturers such as Kimberly-Clark (Cottonelle) and Procter & Gamble (Charmin) to stop using wood from virgin forests to make tissue products."

So now they want to regulate what we use in our restrooms. It's bad enough that we have to use this recycled stuff when we go out. Now the leftists want us to use it in our homes. To be fair, I've used "recycled" toilet paper (Green Forest) and it was like sandpaper. We've also used Angel Soft, Meijer brand and Cottonelle (too soft and way too pricey).

Because I do most of the shopping, I've found that Charmin Basic in the orange wrapper provides the best performance for the best price. With four people using it, we go through a lot of toilet paper and this brand outlasts even the double rolls by competitors. Again, this is the Charmin Basic.

If the leftists get their way and eventually, they will there will be a revolt of monumental proportions. Poland was a communist country and threw off the yoke because of all things, toilet paper shortages. I can cheap out on a lot of things, but not on that. Besides, this attempt to save the environment will be for naught because of the inevitable negative consequences this will cause.

Rather than decreasing paper usage, it will actually increase it. Think about the last time you had to use a public restroom. You had to pull close to 50 feet of the stuff and roll it into a ball to make it work right, not to mention the toilet seat. This isn't bathroom humor, but bathroom seriousness.

Speaking of seriousness, recycling is fine, as long as it's cost effective to do. Studies show that taking the time to recycle trash actually costs more than any benefit realized. The City of Lansing, MI actually tried a mandatory recycling program and charged the residents $77 a year in increased property taxes for the privilege. It managed to lose money until the program began to fall by the wayside. I still see the green recycling containers from time to time, but mostly holding things other than their intended purpose. Nowadays, private companies like Granger and Waste Management do a far better job for less money than the City ever did.

Personally, when someone tries to force me to use fluorescent bulbs, change or give up toilet paper (something Niel Young ranted about in "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" with Crosby Stills and Nash) or drive a Smart for Two for a family of four, my answer to them is "butt out." If these same people have used this argument for nearly four decades as an excuse to kill babies, then I should be able to use it to defend my right to choose as well. The right to choose Charmin over Green Forest, the right to choose plastic or paper, or the right to choose to raise my family the way I see fit. While this in no way equates with a mother and her legal (but not moral or biblical, much less godly) right to have her unborn baby murdered, it does illustrate the one-sided agenda they practice. In no way is about helping anyone, but establishing governmental control over every aspect of our lives. That is, everyone save those like Albert Gore, who live exorbitantly and decadently, despite buying carbon credits.

Until there's a better alternative, leave me alone with my toilet paper, as this is one of the few things I can splurge on without so much as an ounce of guilt, much less a sheet. Maranatha!

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