Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Morning.

Got the kids up, fed, bathed, dressed and myself same (showered earlier this morning to avoid the black Friday rush (ha ha). Still have a headache, but not physically ill like yesterday from the stress. I've heard of people going into seizures over stuff like this, Lord help them.

This morning, still warmed to the idea of getting the mechanical license (glad I have Firefox, can't spell worth a darn this morning). Grandma told me last night that this is important and that she almost wanted to cry because I've worked so hard most of my life. I guess so, I've shed a few tears myself. Could go and blame this person or that situation, but where would that get me?

I've decided on a name for my new business when it materializes. It's going to incorporate the name of this blog with doing heating and air-conditioning and appliance repair. Again, it would be nice to get hired and receive a paycheck, but job security and employer loyalty are items to wax nostalgic over. The third time I got laid off from my last employer, my sense of loyalty was gone. Obviously, so was theirs (no offense, just stating the facts).

Thus far, the plan is to wait until after the holidays to get this done.Even if I got one now, it would expire on the 31st of December. I'll wait until January to get the ball rolling. I need to find a van to carry all my tools and some materials. I'm rambling and I'm sorry. Maranatha!

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