Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Cheering Up

Just now between feeding Kingston and trying to get a loaf of bread made, I read a cartoon on Yahoo titled Luann. I've read this comic strip over the years when I'm able as our local paper doesn't have it. The main character, unlike almost all, has aged from a little girl then to a woman of about 38 years of age. Along with this aging has come the signs of the times, which this cartoon is, or should be noted for. The one with her in the Batman shirt in 1989 was the most memorable for me, but only because I, along with the rest of the crowd, was into the Caped Crusader.

Today, the whole motif has been soldiers and army. This is something Doonesbury is well-noted for and there isn't a day that goes by there isn't someone wearing the G.I. battle helm. Luann's strip was no different, with the main character, Luann and two of her friends, one ginger-haired with glasses and another with dark hair. They were sitting off to the side on folding chairs while another one of their friends (Tiffany in the cartoon) is in a circle with some soldiers wounded grievously in combat and obviously disabled as a result.

Luann's dark haired friend noted that Tiffany was sure cheering up the soldiers. To that Luann quipped that "Great, who's gonna cheer us up?" Though no mere sentence can summarize the economic depression we're in (I offer no apologies for telling the truth, this is not a recession by definition.) this comes close.

Well, I'm going to try and cheer us all up. I was handed an eviction notice two days ago and I could stand some cheering up too. The best that I can tell anyone is that Jesus loves us. It isn't some abstract concept of religion or other "magical man in the sky" concept; Jesus died to save us from the clutches of sin and the punishment of being separated from Him in eternal torment in Hell.

To make matters even better, there will be no more inflation, recession, depression, repression, obsession or unemployment in Heaven. There will be no need for banks that fail, cars that break down, cemeteries, hospitals, doctors, glasses, tough actin' Tinactin, Oil of Olay, or Max Factor. We won't be drinking beer on Tuesday because we'll be drinking wine with our bridegroom, Jesus.

There won't be a need for the Internet, mass transit, air bags, food banks or cortisone shots. Most importantly, no more need for the Capitol Area Michigan Works or M.A.R.V.I.N. because our needs will be met before we even realize it. Precious stones and metals will be mere building materials in Heaven. We won't need Trane Clean Effects or a Carrier Indoor Weather System because the weather will be fair and warm, bathed in the light that Jesus Himself provides.

Even today, in our mortal lives, we can and should still depend on Him for our needs. This is what all this economic ruin is really about if we know Him and have the faith He will provide for us. Remember my mention of precious metals being building materials? Okay then Luann, whatever it is in your life that's getting you down, get off that folding chair. The Lord answers "knee mail." Everyone who reads this should do the same today, whatever it is that's bugging you. We don't have to wait until we go to Heaven to experience Jesus' love for us. Amen

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