Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shower Day!

Yesterday, it was unbelievable with the amount of support to the point I choked back tears. We had our first adoption shower for Kingston yesterday and he got a big boy bed, a toy box, toys and some much-needed clothes. Even Jose, our older boy who we're in the process of adopting, got several toys for his trouble.

What really gets me misty-eyed over this is that the Lord has been so good to us. I've felt so inadequate about not having a job, along with the other temporal concerns that it clouds the fact that victory is already mine. Jesus has already won despite my depression, anger and even disbelief. Jesus has won.

We got three boxes of Lego's for the boys which they've enjoyed together. Kingston also got a toy remote he thinks is a phone. We've now sorted out all the "baby" stuff we're going to donate. The Lord has been good and nothings going to be wasted.
We've been able to survive a "rent" week would have normally been a nightmare. The Lord saw us through that week.

Thank You Lord, for all Your glory and victory, for saving me from the clutches of sin and despair. You haven't made it easy, but You have made it possible and in this life, possible is more than enough. Please grant me solace and patience in Your timing and comfort in Your Word. I do know that I will appreciate my real home all the more when You take Your bride there very soon. For this I praise You, in Your name which is above all names, Amen! Hosanna.

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