Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holloween Day

Sorry no pictures, but the rules prohibiting publishing of Jose's likeness are still in effect. But let me treat you to a Halloween like no other. Beyond ghosts and their ghoul-friends out for candy, or the man in the pig suit with H1-N1 in block letters on the chest, was a rite of passage for our growing family. I remember 3 to 4 hour excursions into the spooky night dressed as a ghost, devil or other unholy being on the quest for treats. My sister and I would come home with half a pillowcase full, not a bad haul for two kids.

Grand Ledge is the place to go trick or treating these days, as the houses are decorated all out and the offerings aren't too bad either. No Black Jacks or Necco Wafers here; I'm talking chocolate and Tootsie Rolls as a staple. Susie and I took Jose and Kingston around the neighborhood, hitting about 40 or so houses and filling up buckets proper with candy. Not a bad haul for two little boys. After 2 hours of walking several miles we went to grandma and grandpa's house to show off their grand babies. Jose wearing a Mario costume (one that everyone took notice of) and Kingston in a Buzz Lightyear one from the Toy Story franchise.

Now that our little ones are back to their former selves for another year and the weekend's come and gone, we've another month to plan another holiday unlike any other we've had before and we'll not have again. Hopefully relishing the time we have with our little ones every step of the way. God Bless.

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