Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fixed the Dodge

Yes, the clunking, clanking, popping Dodge has been rescued. I give full credit to the Lord and an answer to prayer. A nut and bolt combination that I had reused with a prior repair was the final, but not the only culprit. The cost was about $3.00 and a little cleaning up that has made a world of difference. As it happened, the bolt I reused was 12mm, but it had no shoulder (the section with no threads. This caused a loosened condition that made a sound as if the transmission itself was going to fall out. That noise was the too small bolt banging against the ball stud on the ball joint and without taking off the steering knuckle (about a 20 minute job) I would have never found it.

What was funny is that the bolt intended for the ball stud was too small to even grip in the steering knuckle. Even the serrations meant to grip the knuckle wouldn't even touch it, leading to a possible and dangerous separation at a later date. This is because a ball joint/ stud not connected with the steering knuckle at high speed can cause the car to veer unexpectedly, resulting in a crash. I had a tie rod fail on my '77 Olds back in '88. I was only going 25, (thank You Jesus) so it was only an embarrassing wobble. a suspension failure at high speeds is almost always very dangerous, so good quality parts that fit are more than an investment, they're insurance.

Yes, I'm picky. But in a litigious society, picky is good. Nobody wants to hurt someone else because of a mechanical failure and I sure don't. God Bless.

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