Monday, October 12, 2009

Working Overtime

For several days now, it feels as if the very legions of hell are on the attack. Not only against the bride of Christ, the church, but against all that even appears good. Yesterday, my son and I sold a respectable $95 in popcorn for our pack and collected $13 in donations for the cause of getting him money for camp. Then, out of the blue, a smooth-taking man wearing a factory windbreaker started bashing the product we were selling and pointing out that his was rancid. While he made mention several times that he didn't want to offend, it was clear what this man's mission was. It was to offend and destroy, but it didn't work. By the time it was said and done, most of our inventory was history.

The evil one has likewise done his level best to steal my joy and wreck my testimony. Despite the fact that I'm redeemed by the Lord as one of His, the devil has endeavored to send his agents to ridicule the work the Lord has entrusted me. In defending the trinity of the Lord and the wholeness of all three persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a gentleman replied that he wanted me to explain this further, saying that quoting the Bible was not enough. It was discouraging and disheartening that despite the true and infallible Word, that many will still choose to reject Him as their Lord and Savior. They do this at their own peril.

There is another person on YouTube, a young lady who I will not mention her name, has uttered blasphemous words against Jesus and His bride, the church. While part of the charges of this person are true (I believe there are many who believe the Lord is their genie) it is not a picture of a true relationship between the Lord and the church. I cannot repeat the rest of the blasphemy, as this is much too painful and would serve no useful purpose. It does give me clarity of the Antichrist spirit and the times we live in. Despite the futility of finding peace, prosperity and love in this world of this world, there are hordes who have nothing better to do than hang on.

Unlike that, I have nothing left to hang onto here. In fact there is quite a bit in my life that could be nullified and I would never miss it. Such is the futility of temporal, as opposed to spiritual pursuits. I pray for friends, family and enemies that they would come to repentance for their sake. To the unsaved, I pray the Holy Spirit would move upon them the importance of the Lords gift of mercy. After all, being Christian is a matter of timing. Better that we're so while there is still breath in our lungs or before the rapture. Even then, it's still better to before the judgement of the sheep and goats. Admitting "Jesus is Lord" here or at the Great White Throne of Judgement will not save you.

They have been exposed to the Good News repeatedly, but in their arrogance have refused the mercy the Lord offers through His Son, Jesus. Even when they see the Him riding on Faithful and True. Sadly, most will reject His salvation out of pride, wanting to be lord of their own lives. They will willingly accept the world leader, the Antichrist. Ultimately worshipping him and taking his mark to buy and sell, despite the warnings of the angels and saints. The result is eternal damnation through their own choice.

The evil one, the devil, the old serpent, knows that he has but a short time with those already in the church before the Lord snatches them away. While no one but the Father knows the time, even Satan must know it's getting close. This is the reason that Christians ready for this ultimate breakthrough are probably being put through the spiritual wringer right now. I know Satan has worked overtime in my life before the Lord has bestowed His blessings and this not unlike such an event. While I don't know the exact time of the Blessed Hope either, I do know that time is at a premium before Jesus arrives. There is just too much going on in favor of this to doubt any more. Christians have always had to go through their own tribulations throughout the centuries and in no way are any of us exempt, ultimately we are with the winner because of His mercy to us. I fervently look forward to the time I can kneel in person. Maranatha!

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