Friday, October 16, 2009

Mundane Stuff

Yesterday, I sent in for taking my DANTES tests to finish up my degree and praise the Lord, my transcript request went through for my speech class. Just two tests to satisfy my degree and I can color this done. Maybe even change that prayer request to a company car and suit. Even with just the small victory concerning the transcript and the nice young lady who answered the phone at LCC today was a huge blessing on the Lord's part.

The other aspect I'm not so sure on concerns having my resume' professionally written. This is going to be a substantial, but by no means unreasonable expense/investment. Considering the price of a degree, it's more than worth it. Being a management/business consultant was what I went to school for, even being a handyman and all. If the choice was to fix toilets or help a business get back up on its feet, I would probably take the latter.

Regardless, today is a victory to be celebrated and the Lord is to be praised. Amen!

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