Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jesus:1 Satan: A BIG FAT ZERO

For weeks and months we were anticipating getting Jose in Cub Scouts. Last night, I found out that I not only missed a parent meeting, but an important fundraising opportunity Sunday of all days. Not only that, I left someone hanging out at Wal-Mart for an hour because I never called. The woman that was supposed to be mentoring me never called me back, despite repeated attempts on my part and no on called me Sunday to ask what happened, so it couldn't have been too big a deal. But the "mentor" thought it was an proceeded to berate me over the phone about it last night.

Not only was I upset, but my wife was more upset and afraid to tell Jose, our 7 year old. I not only drove over to the woman's house in Mulliken, I returned the tote and asked her husband why no one bothered to call me Sunday. His response was that I should have just showed up. I replied that under no circumstances is my son going to be a part of an organization that doesn't show some compassion for it's members. I was going to be a scoutmaster, but this is not what I want to do, forcing little boys to sell stuff for a few moments of fun. This is already too much like a job and the condescending attitude did not help matters either.

The fact is that being stuck an hour at Wal-Mart is not a fate worse than death. It's one of the more pleasurable things available to the populace. Another is that no 5,6 or 7 year old should be expected to slave his childhood away to serve the 'almighty' dollar for a few days of pleasure. In other words, to me it's like being in a job without being paid for it. I've volunteered for another organization like this when I was 13 at Impression 5 and nearly ended up with a criminal conviction because someone thought I was sexually harassing a 7 year old girl. The warning lights and sirens were already on when this lady acted the way she did last night.

Even Jesus said His burden was light and His yoke easy. Satan offers no such perquisites, yet tends to offer some abstract promises for indulging in sin. There is no paid position worth demeaning yourself, let alone a volunteer one. My wife was afraid, again about the ramifications and how Jose was going to react. Thank Jesus that most children are a lot more mature and have more sense than some who profess to be adults. Jose is a very sensible young man for all he's been through. He took it better than I expected. For his sake, and mine, I'm not giving up with finding us some activities. It just means that we're going to have a be a bit more creative.
Thank You Jesus. Satan, you will NOT have my family.

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