Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inundated With Blessings

Not to negate the obvious, but even in a midst of turmoil are the blessings which the Lord bestows upon His people. We just need to acknowledge them and once in a while, go through them. Today, the very act of cleaning out the boys' bedroom is proof that blessings are real and in fact, even exist in the Grace Place. I went through several bags of clothes for Kingston, or newly-adopted son and found some pretty decent clothes which he could be wearing and something that we really should be passing on to other deserving children (aren't they all?).

I was able to move the beds around and correct the issues I've had with trying to move a 30 pound child out of a bed to get him dressed in the morning. That was another blessing that took some work, but it is nonetheless. Finally, Jose has his bed in the corner away from the door so he can sleep and Kingston is within easier reach with minimal disturbance to Jose. Gone is the clutter and it its place is an area where the kids can finally play. Gone are sacks of clothes that Kingston cannot wear anymore and in there place is an area for Jose to put his toys and open his dresser.

Just getting this room cleaned out has made a huge difference in my mood, not to mention a tangible feeling of accomplishment. I'm wondering if there are other challenges in my life that I can fix by "taking charge" and diving into, rather than trying to wait for it to get done. There are problems that I cannot solve. There is no doubt about that. These probably aren't my battles to wage, this much has been revealed to me. No, the fight isn't over and no sane person would want it to be. Being able to take charge of what the Lord has entrusted me with is greater than any power and a feeling that I can do something, anything, to help improve our quality of life in a meaningful, constructive way.

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