Thursday, October 1, 2009

Going on a Trip

Last weekend, my wife and I had the rare pleasure of taking both of our boys to a hotel for swimming and playing with other children. It was formerly the Midway and now it's the Days Inn. This whole excursion was for foster families. Even though we were just driving five miles for an overnight, we had to pack diapers, clothes, snacks, toys and by the time my wife and I were done, more than we took on our honeymoon.

In fact, this amounted to several small suitcases, two shopping bags and a duffel as well as my book bag and writing materials (not that there was much time to write, but that was fine with me).

There's a lot of preparation for any trip, even if it's across town. We have to make sure the car has enough fuel, the tires are checked, there's enough clothes, etc. However, there is one trip that every Christian should be preparing for. While we are going to be packing light; probably not even taking the clothes on our backs, there is still a need for making ourselves ready.

Jesus' parable of the wise and foolish virgins points this out (MT 25:1-13). We are to be in a state of readiness for Him to arrive. When He does it will catch many unawares. To me, this means more prayer, more study, more loving and more writing about Him. It includes less criticizing, complaining, and worry. After all, I'm feeling that my next job is not going to be on this earth; it will be with Jesus. Even if this is later proved to be false, it changes nothing about my beliefs. I am finite, the Lord is infinite.

We need to witness and live according to His perfect will. There will be a time when the trumpet will sound and millions will vanish, leaving a world confused and in utter disarray. It will literally be Hell on Earth for those left behind, but even in this time of judgement and wrath, Jesus will still extend His mercy to those who choose Him.

But it is far better to have your spiritual, as opposed to temporal bags packed now, rather than later. Everyone is going to be a Christian, it's only a matter of timing. You can be one now before, rather than after the Church is taken, during the Tribulation, or During the Great White Throne of Judgement. The problem will be that once you become a Christian at the wrong time, it isn't going to save you. Even Chairman Mao, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, John Lennon, Anton Szandor LeVey, unrepentant abortionists and even Satan himself is going to kneel and confess that "Jesus is Lord."

Again, the issue is only timing. My prayer is that as long as you have breath in your lungs and your heart hasn't hardened that there is still hope. Being with Jesus is the best thing, even more so than sliced bread (which is overrated anyway). He loves you and wants you to be with Him despite your shortcomings. If I can, so can you, beloved. My prayers are for you. God bless.

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