Thursday, October 1, 2009

The End of an Era

Not to be pessimistic, but it seems that the glory days, if not the entire significance, of the United States, is over. This is not to count out the Lord and His perfect will always trumps everything, but all through the Bible, He always counts Israel as significant in His eyes. Since the God of the Bible, True Lord of this earth and all of creation, never changes to man's fancy, this must be still the case. His Word is supreme and He could restore this nation in a minute, but all signs point to this not being the case.

Right now, Tony Blair's appointment as president of the European Union is all but a sure thing in the next few weeks. This is unprecedented as the EU has never had a president. All the while, the United States' economy has been systematically and methodically dismantled, despite government spending into the trillions of dollars to "fix" the problem. Right now China and Japan are pushing for a global currency to supplant the U.S. dollar. This is a sentiment echoed by Russia, Iran and other nations as the dollar is headed for a major collapse.

The U.S. Commerce Department no longer has exclusive control over the Internet, as this is being taken over by a world governing body. The U.N. is considering moving their headquarters out of New York City to Babylon in the very near future. All the while, all the resources of the United States cannot rebuild the destroyed World Trade Center and other countries frequently build skyscrapers much larger on a regular basis and in times frames unheard of 40 years ago here. It has taken 8 years to build three floors of the Freedom Tower due to cost overruns and political wrangling. It sends a signal to the world that this is not the place to do business.

While our government squabbles over health care, global warming, the economy and troop buildups in the Middle East, the rest of the world has clear agendas, and little of it concerns, or includes the U.S..

The fact is that collectively, we've turned our back on the Lord. When we at least paid lip service to his Word, we reaped the blessing. Now, through abortionists, we kill 3000 to 4000 babies every single day and are the only nation to allow partial birth abortion. Our presidents have tried to divvy up land in Israel that they have no business messing with. We're on the cusp of allowing homosexual "marriage" throughout the entire country. Pornography, pedophilia and other deviant organizations flourish despite anti-obscenity laws in place. We are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah right now and pine over our has been status.

I'm done praying for America for as nation, but I am praying for revival among her people. The Lord has His perfect plan, and this is to bring people closer to Him. This is opposed to the virulent materialism most of us Americans are used to. In the past, every recession had an end. The economy was able to bounce back. I've lived through no less than six of them, although Michigan's economy has been on the skids for nearly a decade. This one seems different, and may be the impetus that brings us in line with the EU. I'm not looking forward to this in the least, and still pray that this isn't in God's plan, but we shall see. Either way, God wins and as Christians, we win.

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