Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Being Chicken Little or "where are the life jackets?"

Okay, enough already with the sky is falling stuff. Can't you see that I'm trying to do (insert earthly concerns here)? I have a degree to finish, a life to lead, children to raise, a job to find, a wife to love, family to take care of? All the cares of this world envelope me like one of those mummy sleeping bags, and still the Lord beckons me. Things like fixing the car so I can get Jose to school and Kingston and I to the doctor were real, paramount, pressing issues that had to be done. This was in the interest of not inconveniencing my wife and Jose further than need be. Yes, the car is fixed, but this sickly pales in comparison to what I am about to tell you.

Right now, there is a concern about the United States and her health. No not health care, but the health of the nation. She's barely breathing, and there are way too many of us, Christian or not, who are bound and determined to hold fast. It's like holding on to the Titanic, even though the iceberg has already gashed the hull with water racing over the bulkheads like the compartments of an ice cube tray. I am not here to tell you the sky is falling, but to say the sky has already fallen. It did why we were sleeping, eating, drinking, marrying, buying our homes, cars and living our everyday, moribund lives. The iceberg struck with a whimper and a leak happened over time, now it is a torrent of water licking the last dry vestiges of the deck.

Over the years, I have tried to tell those who will listen not to get too comfortable on that chaise lounge. Since July 4 of this year, I've been blogging about Jesus and more recently, been that virtual guy with the sandwich sign. Not so much that "the end is near" but "the end is here" and it's not from some pandemic or imagined calamity. It's from a disaster nearly 6,000 years in the making by God's errant creation, man. We've already created a world government several years ago when the our sovereignty was signed away in 2003. The stage is set, the only thing left to do are for the props and actors.

We have the capability to implement economic and idealistic oppression on every human being on this earth. The United States is implementing health care reform, which is not out of compassion, but to control her citizens completely. The people the current president surrounds himself with have no reservations about what their beliefs are. All are in favor of abortion on demand (infanticide), deviant sex practices (one of the worst forms of enslavement), and a centralization of authority as well as a propensity to use debt as a weapon.

The EU is poised to become the most powerful entity on the planet, even superseding the mortally wounded United States. Tony Blair is heavily favored to be the president, even though there are doubts in his native Great Britain about his leadership ability. Despite the availability of willing candidates, they do not have the notoriety Blair has. Adding to this is that Blair has extensively championed for Mideast peace since stepping down as prime minister two years ago. He has charities and at 56 years of age, a youthful enthusiasm for the position. I don't want to be one to ring the warning bell, but times are a coming. The time to accept Jesus is now and avoid the horrors of the Tribulation.

The real tragedy is that unlike the Titanic, that even during Tribulation, there are more than enough lifeboats to go around and they are in easy reach. The majority will still hear the Word and fail to accept Jesus' pardon and accept the Mark of the enemy to maintain economic viability. Their fate will one of suffering that will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "Hell on earth." I've driven people crazy about this stuff by talking and writing about it all the time I'm sure. However, there is a more important cause than trying to save face. Anyone who thinks this is a fairy tale written by some old Jews needs to wake up. These "old Jews" are more current than tomorrows news (borrowed shamelessly from Hal Lindsey) and the Lord will not be mocked. Please, please, accept His precious gift of salvation because we know not the time, but it is getting closer.

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