Monday, October 5, 2009

A Song About 9/11

Bright and early on a Tuesday morning,
spirits of hate struck without a warning
A score of young men with the promise of glory,
target two towers of 100 stories.

All this rage in the name of religion,
don't care 'bout about about the lives we're living,
only believin' the lies of an idol,
something 'bout the promises of killing a rival.

Flesh and steel, blood and bone,
can you ever see the reason
in a world that we call home?
Why would someone take the lives of people they don't know?
Flesh and steel, blood and bone.

Two 'planes hit and two more followed,
tears of loved ones they couldn't swallow.
Got me thinking if it was the end,
seen the courage and the cowardice.

Attacking a people called a has been.
Impotent threats from our own leaders,
Rumors of wars in diverse places.
Hell breaks loose in every nation.

Flesh and steel, blood and bone.
What will ever be the place that we call home.
The hearts of men are colder than the thing that we call stone.
Flesh and steel, blood and bone.

This old world is a gettin' weary.
Lord said Himself
He wouldn't tarry.
Could be the thing
the that the Good Book promised.

Flesh and Steel, Blood and Bone,
We are righteously awaiting
for You to call us home.
There will be no sorrow,
and there be no war,

Flesh and Steel, Blood or Bone.

(Copyright 2010 and I mean it)


Michael Owens said...

Walter that's vary good. Thank you brother. God bless you.
Michael Owens

Michael Owens said...
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