Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Crying Out...

Father God, Rarely, do I post requests for me because I know you've blessed me abundantly. I have two boys and a wife who is the most loving one can imagine. When I pray, it is to confess that You are lord in my life, that I love You, and that You paid for my sin with Your precious Son Jesus, a name above all other names and to cover others in prayer. Because I write better than I speak, and some things are meant for posterity, this is going to be a written prayer...

I have been out of work for nearly 7 months and there is no earthly, worldly solution to the problems which have caused this. My off again, on again employer is probably just vying for short-term survival, let alone trying to bring everyone back to work. Capitol Area Michigan Works sees me as another statistic and from my limited understanding, everyone else is unwilling or unable to help.

The economy in Michigan is horrible, and in depression for 9 years. Few people want to hire a 39 year old with a family to support, and it seems, fewer want to do it long term. The odds are against me, Father God, from where I'm standing. I am completely dependent on You right now to take care of my family, and I praise You for taking care of us. Despite this, the blessing of unemployment compensation is limited and limiting. I want to be able to take care of my family financially as well as emotionally.

The fact is that I need to do what You want me to do, in a fashion pleasing to You. I've contemplated starting my own firm, but have no earthly means in which to start it. I have had little success in using social networking or other means to "get my foot in the door" much less gainful and dignified employment. I have faced all the obstacles and emotions that many in my shoes have faced, to which there is no relief other than through You.

In Matthew 19:26, You said that all things are possible and in another, if we stand with You, who can stand against us. I know Your Word is sharper than any two-edged sword and You alone deserve the glory. I also know You would not put two boys in my care without a design in Your perfect plan. I confess to You that You and You alone are Lord of my life and that of my family. You know no recession and complete power over my life and I am dependent on You. This isn't sarcasm or feeling that you are my genie, or subscribing to the prosperity gospel (which You loathe). However, I cannot see what You see and do not know Your plan for me and the family You have entrusted with me.

Father, I claim the victory You already gave to me and I will long after this is realized. The acts of the evil one are nullified in Your name. I am crying out to you the obvious. Praise to You, in yours and Jesus' name, Amen.

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