Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Holy Grail

It's not just the last three words to a Monty Python movie anymore. Even though I'm trying really hard to make light of this situation, I am deadly serious about the ramifications of heresy. Being a Christian for 30 years, there are some known truths which are not just self evident. I accept the Bible as the true word of the Word Himself, Jesus Christ, regardless of the vessels used to write same. We can read and study this book and use critical thinking to confirm these truths.

To put it bluntly, I'm so sick of the DaVinci Code I could vomit. Furthermore, when a TV show parades this around as a possible truth, it makes me physically ill. This isn't so much as it could ever change my mind because it is so blatantly contrary to the Bible that a discerning Christian could not accept it. What concerns and angers me is that so many are on the fence with giving their lives to Jesus that this might give them pause to reject Him altogether. I can see the argument these poor souls give the Lord at the Great White Throne, "But Lord, I read the DaVinci code and it was so convincing..." The Lord's answer, with great regret, is going to be "I never knew you, depart from me: Ye that work iniquity" (MT 7:23).

These are the words the damned will be hearing for all eternity. Being separated from Jesus is the worst thing I can imagine, all other "perquisites " aside. Denying others the truth with heresy is one of the most dastardly deeds possible. Even Jesus gives an analogy that it would be better for the perpetrator to have a millstone hung around their neck and thrown into the sea (MT 18:6, MK 9:42, LK 17:2). The Lord does not mess around.

First of all, whether or not the holy grail is a goblet, tumbler or beer stein is of little consequence. As Christians, we are not about things as much as we are about the One holding the glass. Our Lord is risen, leaving an empty tomb and cross. He is awesome and we should thank Him for the sacrifice He made to save us, not mulling over objects of antiquity. The picture the DaVinci Code gives is libelous and contrary to the loving, caring and father of truth I've known since 1979. I am glad He loves me, despite my many faults and shortcomings.

As Christians, we are all redeemed by His precious, innocent blood shed on the cross for us. All we need do is accept the price He paid, admit we're sinners and repent from sin. Then we need to have a dialogue with our savior. This means praying and reading His word. What's more is those redeemed by Him do not have to fear death. We will be in the arms of a loving god the next instant. This to me is far more exciting than any intrigue this world can offer. My prayer is that everyone reading this would come to Christ and accept His precious gift of eternal life if they haven't already. This is the best note I think to leave my ranting on. God Bless.

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