Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facing Goliath

Right now, more and more has this handyman and his family depend on the Lord for our food, water, clothing and roof over our head. The recession has been His way of bring us back to what's important and this means trusting in Him implicitly. His eye is on the sparrow, after all and worth more to Him than a whole aviary full. So my money is on Him, literally. If He were to take us into His arms, the seemingly temporal issues we face would be instantly nullified. If we are asked to go through the fire, I will go willingly.

He has proven this to me time and again through His promise to us and there is nothing He will not do for us. He has blessed us abundantly in hard times. When we stand with the Lord, who or what, can stand against us? It is in this spirit and sense of urgency that we all need Him in our lives. Life for even the anointed and dressed in fine linen, cleaner and whiter than snow by His precious blood for our sins, is still not easy. We must learn to trust and obey our most perfect Master when faced with the taunts and jeers of the evil one, the lord of this earth, that old devil himself...

When the Israelites were faced with the Philistines, a people who worshipped Satan in the name of Dagon and their version of the terminator, Goliath; they were terrified. Here was a giant of a man who stood six cubits and a span (1 Samuel 17:4). He wasn't a weak giant, or the Israelites would have made short work of him. He was a human tank with his armor and arms. Goliath was uncircumcised in both body and spirit and profaned the holy name of the Lord and His chosen people.

Today, I faced a Goliath of my own and it dealt with unemployment benefits. After being off six months this year due to downsizing, my state benefits finally ran out. A call to Michigan's Automated Response Voice Interactive Network, or MARVIN; which is a household word in Michigan. It could have been cause for much angst while being on hold for nearly a half hour on Michigan UIA's customer service line (They are busy, after all).

The Lord was and still is with me. Not so much for the extension of benefits, but the fact that I kept my cool over the whole thing. Within minutes after getting through to a very compassionate and understanding UIA worker, I was given a Federal Benefit Extension for an additional 20 weeks. After a few tearful "thank you Jesus's," I realized that angst is fruitless and unnecessary as a child of the Lord.

One thing about the Lord I know in my heart is that He's the provider of peace and prosperity. No government, employer, or policy is going to provide these for me or anyone else. Right now, the evil one is the lord of this earth by default, but when we allow our Heavenly Father authority in our lives and the Holy Spirit to indwell in us (not to mention Jesus to save us) He will take care of us. No, I'm not implying that we'll have a new Escalade in the driveway, or a Gulfstream at the airport, but He will carry us through the rough spots in life.


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