Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Case...

A few days ago, filmmaker Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland while en route to the Zurich film festival for some lifetime achievement award. This was in connection with a rape he plead guilty to in 1977 involving a 13 year young girl in which he subsequently fled to France in which to avoid punishment. While some wonder why it took so long and even more wonder why it's even an issue at this point; after all, his accomplishments far outweigh that one little mistake, right?

Just a little disclaimer here. I am not out to defame or otherwise smear Mr. Polanski. Try as I could, I am not his judge, jury and jailer. What man has failed to do, the ultimate judge will in due time. The evidence will be damning, the trial swift, the judgement sure and the sentence final with no chance of appeal. The God of the Bible does not mess around, with anyone.

What I am going to point out is that sin is sin, regardless of who or what was involved. It could be anyone stealing a candy bar, lying, or committing genocide, the crime has the same punishment. What's more is that if you've given to charity, volunteered in the Peace Corps, tithed and even been good to your mother, but committed a felony (such as rape, murder or stock fraud). The state is going to punish you regardless of all the "good" things you did in your life. You will be tried and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law (especially with stock fraud, as property crimes are pursued much more aggressively nowadays).

In a way, the Lord is no different, only He's no respecter of persons or crimes. If an unrepentant sinner has to stand before Him, there is no hope, no appeal, no lawyer or publicity campaign to come to your rescue. Punishment is eternal and in my understanding, this means eternity in Hell. That's right, no disco or country club either, this means suffering in fire, sulfur and brimstone forever.

But everyone has sinned and deserves this punishment, including myself. The only thing, the only good things about me are the ones that Jesus Christ brings. He and only He was innocent enough to shed His precious blood for our sins. By His stripes we are healed from the disease of sin. He was crucified by Gentiles (such as myself, and I might as well have been holding the nails) died and rose again so that we may live eternally with Him as His bride. That's right, He's crazy in love with us, even Roman Polanski. Jesus will even forgive him of his sin if he would just repent.

How to do this? Pray to Him and admit that you're a sinner, you deserve punishment and that He died for you. Ask him to save you, in other words, accept His gift of salvation and start living the part. Read your Bible and talk to Him daily (I'm not always good at this). Preferably, surround yourself with other Christians. Heaven is not a bunch of people playing harps, but it is being in the eternal glory and yes, the love of a Most Perfect Master. I'll take this over a bad case of prickly heat any day. When it comes right down to it, the one thing that God cannot do is choose Heaven or Hell for us, it is the one thing that we do when we accept or reject Jesus' gift for us.


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