Saturday, August 8, 2009

If It Walks Like a Duck...

Watched a movie yesterday called The Knowing. It was a compelling story about a school teacher who finds a time capsule with some rather scary predictions about the future using numerology. The plot was that the boy and girl were being spoken to by space aliens and eventually taken from the Earth ahead of its eventual destruction by a solar flare (sorry for the spoiler, but this how it is). There have been a lot of end of the world flicks lately, including Deep Impact, the completely misnamed Armageddon, Artificial Intelligence, the Day After Tomorrow and a host of others.

In addition, there is also the 2012 theory that has everyone scared senseless. This is just because the Mayan calender ends on December 21, 2012 and the means to the end are everything from swine flu to an asteroid impact. While I'm not doubting that any of these couldn't cause a lot of death and destruction in the near future, there is a real problem with all of these theories. None of them take into account the Bible, the Lord's inspired works that are 100% accurate and reliable. Most prophetic wannabes are about 20% accurate and this about as accurate as anyone making a guess.

The Bible is one writing that we can always count on, but so many of us turn to Nostradamus for answers. Unlike the Bible, his prophesies are so vague that they can mean anything to anyone. One such prophesy of his said that New York City would die in the mid 1990's. While there was a horrible attack on the WTC in 2001, it was not the total destruction predicted. The Bible, though accused as being allegorical, is actually crystal-clear in prophesy when not clouded by Satan's minions. The Bible promised that Israel would be a nation again. Despite all odds of this ever happening again; including the Inquisition, Hitler, Stalin and all the rest, Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948. The Bible also corroborates with contemporary history, even to the point the Jews were in Egypt, despite the scoffing.

Again, this is a blog and I'm a blue-collar writer. But the most important aspect of difference between the Bible and the wannabees is the fear factor. No, not the show where people have to stick their hands in a tank of worms. It's the fact that all the latter want to scare people into the temporal being the only thing to live for. The nature of the Bible is not to be fearful, but to come to repentance. All other road see man as god, but the Bible sees the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as the true god and everything and everyone as the creation. This alone is reason enough to take the rest with less than a grain of salt.


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