Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why the Lord Hates Sin,

This is a hot button topic for sure and if it isn't maybe it should be. I've had a lot of issues with furnaces, air-conditioners and duct jobs over the past 16 years; not to mention issues with the vehicles I've owned to understand one thing. When I've built or fixed something as well as I know how, it had better work right and the problem can be extremely frustrating when it doesn't.

Having a garage door counterweight spring break three days before we were supposed to sell our house in 2000 was a case in point. We had about $100 to our name and it soaked us for nearly $80 to get a spring, pulley and cable system which was robust enough to counter a 300 pound door. This was daunting, but it worked. I got the door to go up and down without a hitch, but it would have killed a sale that we had already made huge concessions on if anything had failed.

Imagine investing a lot of time and energy into a project, just to have it fail. Emotions can range anywhere from disappointment to a nervous breakdown. The Lord has invested a lot of time and energy into his errant creation, man. More often than not, we have completely failed in our intended purposes. Instead of living the lives we're supposed to, we elect to go our way.

Rather than raise our children to fear Him, be good stewards, keep the Sabbath holy, keeping the marriage bed sacred and just obeying our creator, we shame Him, over and again. We watch the rot on the telly, objectify others as instruments for pleasure, cheat on our taxes, demand to be coddled and serve money for our own selfish purposes. We also use religion as a crutch to do what "feels good" and even in some situations, to murder. We use as pawns and cheat those who depend on us to survive and legalize it all under the guise of our belief system.

It's no wonder why the Lord is angry and though it is righteous, it's still anger. Yes, He is a loving God and all that. John 3:16 is the main one we use, but think about another chapter in the book of John. This has to deal with the adulterous woman (who was probably a pawn in the Pharisees' wicked games) and the end of it all were five precious words uttered by our Lord Jesus.

"Go, and sin no more" seems like a hard concept to follow, but it's a safe bet that woman never sinned again. The Lord created us and is then good enough to provide an avenue to forgive us. It would seem like a small effort on our part to just make an effort. If we're getting tempted, than bring it to the Lord (this is from experience, God is working on me) but still we need to fight the good fight. If we fall, then we need to pick ourselves back up. Our 16 month old was a case in point on that. He was going to walk and took his first tentative steps at 11 months. He fell a lot, but by 12 months, he was walking and now the little guy is running and climbing all over the place. Nothing can stop him.

Sin should not stop us either, in becoming what the Lord has intended us to be. Maranatha!

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