Saturday, July 4, 2009

Renewing My Faith

Late January this year, I got cut from my position as a service tech from a well-known and respected heating and air-conditioning firm. The reasons were myriad and unworthy of discussion, but the consequences are the same. It was a loss of identity in a precarious job market. Admittedly, Michigan has been the butt of none too kind remarks, but this is where I chose to live, work, choose a wife and raise a family. Despite all of this, this is home. At 9% unemployment, my chances of landing another job were slim. To add to this, I was already angry, depressed and every other negative feeling imaginable. We were and still are in the process of adopting a little boy, so this was a constant source of anxiety.
I was angry at the Lord, to put it bluntly.
In a week, the DHS (Department of Human Services) called. They had a seven year old boy who had spent nearly two months at Angel House because his parents were unable to care for him. A flood of emotions filled my mind. "How am I going to support another one?" I asked myself, and halfheartedly to the gentleman doing his level best to persuade me to take in another homeless kid.
I told the gentleman that I would call him back. I needed to call my wife.
Sparing the details, we were then the proud foster parents of another young life. He stood about four feet tall, barely seventy pounds soaking wet, bringing boxes of his belongings like a refugee from some war-torn country. A few niceties from his caseworker, a twenty something we knew from our first placement. She had brought us our then six week old last May. Now it was the seven year old, who was scared and upset over losing his family.
We made it through four months of daddy going stir crazy. The only thing breaking up the monotony was driving Jose to school, fixing a temperamental car and the subsequent running the entire family around while I tried to make sense of a recurring steering problem.
Fast forward to June 3rd, my boss calls me up. The name of the business on the caller I.D..
"How was your sabbatical?" he asked in a matter of fact tone. "I held my own," I lied. "Can you come in for work tomorrow?" he asked. "I need to take my son to school tomorrow, it's his last day," I countered.
My wife blanched; we didn't have child care for Jose. I calmly suggested making some calls and within a half hour, child care was taken care of.
All the sudden, God spun me around and in the Stephen Baldwin fashion, "SEE Walter, if you hadn't been out of work, Jose wouldn't have had someone to take him to school. You probably would have said no and would have been contrary to My will. I was there all along. I carried you and though it was not easy, you should never doubt Me. Those boys were My top priority..."

We live life for the good of others, i.e. the greater glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not live for our own self enrichment. When we think as the World does, nothing makes sense. When we wait on the Lord, all will come clear. He taught me an important lesson those four months. Hopefully, I have the faith and the sense to realize that the Lord's will and timing are perfect the next time something like this crops up. I thank Him for the boys, my wife and family, not to mention my job. God Bless.

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