Friday, July 31, 2009

An Idle Mind

Been off work for two weeks and got one interview in so many. Anxiety hasn't kicked in yet and Lord willing it never will. Last night, it was praying at midnight, after the wife and kids were asleep asking Him to use me according to his will. Opened the Bible and He spoke to me, and the verses were in First Corinthians Chapters 1 and 2 and in Job Chapter One. I will edit these and insert them when I get home, as they are marked down there...

Anyway, being idle and in a situation like a job loss are going to lead to temptation. The idle mind being the Devil's workshop is true and the only way to overcome this is to turn it over the Lord. This is in First Corinthians anyhow (I like the Apostle Paul, his messages are very practical).

So today, I elected to clean out the garage over at my parents' house. It was a mess and still is, but after nearly 3 hours, I'm starting to make some headway. My hope is to get my grandfather's workbench cleaned off so I can use that to make and fix things. Mainly it's to get the garage cleaned out my dad by choice can walk in there.

Well, my cup runneth over as in Psalms and the Lord is good, blessing us on this beautiful summer day.

Jesus is coming soon, Maranatha!

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